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Rustam Rafikov
Specializes in mergers and acquisitions (M&A), direct financing, corporate structuring of corporations and foundations, joint ventures, international tax planning.

Managing Partner
In recent years, he has represented the interests of large businesses and investors in hundreds of transactions, accompanied projects with a total value of more than $ 10 billion.
He advised international companies on corporate structuring and M&A, helped entrepreneurs enter the international market. Prior to working in consulting, he worked in the head offices of the largest telecom and media companies (MegaFon, Rambler &Ko), foundations and family offices.
He is a legal expert at the Competence Center for the Regulatory Regulation of the Digital Economy Skolkovo, actively participated in lawmaking. He was a member of the commission on the regulation of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies of the Moscow City Duma of the Commission on Culture and Mass Communications. He launched several free educational courses for domestic technology companies, for example, Startup Legal Marathon, which gathered more than 200 participants-entrepreneurs. He is a mentor and lecturer at the Skolkovo Startup School, Sk Growth, Innopolis University programs, and a guest lecturer at Kutafin University on digital economy issues.
Rustam was recognized as the best lawyer in Russia for projects in the field of digital economy, marked by international and Russian ratings of Best Lawyers, Pravo300, business magazine "Kommersant" as the best lawyer in a particular field..
Rustam received an LL.M (Master of Law) degree from Manchester University, studied at The University of Texas, and also has an MBA (Master of Business Administration) degree in digital economics from Maastricht University (ex Maastricht School of Management). Rustam speaks, reads and writes fluently in Russian, English and represents clients all over the world.
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Shukhrat Khalikov
Specializes in corporate law, real estate, bankruptcy, cross-border litigation, search and seizure of international assets, and support of private clients

Shukhrat represented the interests of wealthy individuals (HNWI - High Net Worth Individuals), shareholders and beneficiaries of the largest assets and holdings in Russia, Europe and the UAE. Prior to working as a partner, he worked in consulting, family offices, headed legal departments in real estate companies and the real sector.
Shukhrat received an LL.M (Master of Law) degree from Pericles Law Centre with a specialization in American Law, graduated from O.E. Kutafin University (Moscow State Law University). Shukhrat speaks, reads and writes fluently in Russian, English and represents clients in Russia, Europe, the UAE and Central Asia.
Olga Koveshnikova
Specializes in tax law, challenging the results of tax audits, accounting, tax and financial audit.

Head of Tax Practice
More than 10 years of experience in consulting companies, work in the tax authorities of Russia, support of tax audits and disputes with tax authorities.
Olga represented the interests of taxpayers of individuals and legal entities, large companies engaged in foreign economic activity and production. He has extensive experience in tax structuring business, challenging tax audits (desk and field), optimizing the tax base, challenging business fragmentation, escorting controlled foreign companies (CFC).
Financial University under the Government of the Russian Federation with a specialization in tax law.
Dmitry Makarov
Specializes in intellectual property protection, contract law and judicial representation.
More than 11 years of experience representing clients on intellectual property protection, challenging the cadastral value of real estate, judicial representation in arbitration courts and courts of general jurisdiction. He worked in consulting companies, real sector companies, oil and energy companies. Worked and interned in Texas, USA.
Dmitry shares his professional skills in the framework of author's courses and lectures at St. Petersburg State University.
St. Petersburg State University of Economics, Law.
Рэдни Вуд
Specializes in venture investments, attracting venture capital and sanctions compliance.
Randy is one of the best lawyers in the USA according to SuperStar Lawyers, has been specializing in attracting venture capital investments in technology companies in the US market for more than 15 years (California, USA).
Advises domestic companies with access to the foreign market, as well as on sanctions issues.
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University of Texas, Doctor of Law
Ed Donovan
Specializes in sanctions law, intellectual property protection and judicial representation under US law.
Edward has more than 30 years of experience in the protection of intellectual property on an international scale, as well as judicial representation in US state and federal courts, as well as commercial arbitration, including representation in the London International Arbitration Court

Ed specializes in sanctions, disputes with OFAC on the issue of unblocking assets and funds that have fallen under blocking sanctions and restrictive measures
Experience and projects